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  • Shabbat Shira

    Shabbat Shira

    Shabbat Shirah, one of the special Shabbatot of the year, is the Shabbat on which Parashat Beshalach, including the Song of the Sea (Shirat ha-Yam), is read. The haftarah is Shoftim 4:4-5:31, which includes the Song of Devorah.

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  • Special Shabbatot

    Special Shabbatot

    On special Shabbatot throughout the calendar year, marking holidays and occasions, the regular haftarah (and maftir) are superseded by special readings for the occasion, which relate to the themes of the time of year. Shabbat Rosh Chodesh When Shabbat coincides with Rosh Chodesh, a different haftarah is read: Yeshayahu 66:1-24, and the maftir is Bemidbar…

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