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  • Amoraic


    Belonging to the era of the Amoraim (sing. Amora – אמורא)⁠. The Amoraim are the rabbis who formulated and transmitted the Gemara, or commentary on the Mishnah known collectively as Talmud, in the 3rd through 5th centuries CE. Amoraim lived in both Eretz Yisrael and Bavel (Babylonia, which is how Jews referred to Sassanian Persia…

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  • Chazal


    חז”ל – “our Sages, of blessed memory,” the abbreviation for חכמנו זכרונם לברכה – Chachmenu zichronam li-veracha, meaning the Tannaim (rabbis of the Mishnah period) and Amoraim (rabbis of the Gemara period). Variations are also used, such as רז”ל – Rabbotenu zichronam li-veracha, “our teachers, of blessed memory.”

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  • Rabbi Eliezer

    Rabbi Eliezer

    Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus (רַבִּי אֱלִיעֶזֶר בֶּן הוֹרְקְנוֹס) is a Tanna of the third generation who lived in the late first and early second centuries BCE in Eretz Yisrael, at the time of the Churban (destruction of the Second Beit ha-Mikdash) and after it, in Yavneh and Lod (Lydda). He is usually referred to as…

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