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  • Shabbat Shuva

    Shabbat Shuva

    Shabbat Shuvah is a special Shabbat that occurs on the Shabbat that falls during the Ten Days of Teshuvah between Rosh ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur. The haftarah, Shuvah Yisrael, which begins with the word shuva (return), is a combination of verses: Hoshea’ 14:2-10; Micha 7:18-20; Yoel 2:15-27.

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  • Shas


    ש”ס – An acronym for the Talmud, from shishah sedarim (שישה סדרים), the six orders into which both Mishnah and the Gemara on it are divided. Each order of the Mishnah contains multiple massekhtot (tractates, sing. massekhet), not all of which have commentary (Gemara) on them.

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  • Wissenschaft


    Wissenschaft des Judentums—”the science of Judaism”—was a 19th-century movement in Central Europe towards the scientific, critical study of Jewish texts and subjects, which coalesced into academic Jewish studies taking place in secular Western universities alongside the study of other languages and cultures. Editions of texts as well as research produced by Wissenschaft figures continue to…

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