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Hi, I’m Tamar Marvin⁠—welcome to my online home. I’m a big believer in sharing knowledge, building in public, and lifelong learning. That’s why I share my research, writing, source sheets, syllabi, and other assorted online stuff I do here, all under a Creative Commons license (which means you can reuse it freely for non-commerical purposes with attribution). I hope you’ll find information that feeds your curiosity and resources to support your learning (or teaching).

Things to Explore

The site has a few different sections and features. There’s a blog where I occasionally post deep dives into topics I’m working on. It’s divided in Torah Topics, Jewish History, and a “How-To” section called Resources & Guides, which includes articles about my research and writing process and book recommendations. (If you want to see how I build this website, check out the Site Colophon.)

You can browse the entire site by topic on the Site Index. You’ll also see pop-up info boxes throughout the site (so if you want to remember what years Rashba lived, that info will pop up when you mouse over “Rashba”). You can browse this knowledgebase as well; there’s also a link at the bottom of the page.

I’m always making source sheets for writing projects and shiurim I teach. I post them to Sefaria and you can also find Google Doc versions here on the website. I post syllabi and other teaching materials under Teaching and share my published work under Writing.

Current Projects

Rishonim Book

I’m excitedly working on a full-length book aimed at a Jewish reading audience that covers the many worlds of the Rishonim. Stay tuned for news about the project!

Parsha Guides

For 5783/2022-23 I’m writing a guide for each parsha, where I break down the weekly Torah portion by subject, put in all the key words and phrases (in Hebrew and transliteration), and do a quick rundown of the haftarah and its relationship to the parsha—informed by the major Mefarshim (classical commentaries). You can read about my approach and browse the guides here. Each book will have a structural overview, too. (Here is the Bereshit overview)

  • Mount Sinai, El Greco, 1570

    Sefer Shemot | ספר שמות

  • Image for parashah summaries page: Illuminated "Bereshit"

    Sefer Bereshit | ספר בראשית

A Few Favorites

Looking for a new book? Here’s my list of 54 Essential Books in Jewish Studies.

Here’s the story of almost-lost Midrash preserved by Rashi.

Halacha nerd? Here’s the story of an early halachic code, the Orchot Chaim.

Follow Along

Every Sundays I post a thread on Twitter about a Jewish figure and why their work matters. This year I’m covering the major Rishonim (rabbis from the medieval period). You can follow along here or browse the thematic Twitter threads index to find past threads. I’m currently working on it but hope to be caught up soon.

I also write a (free) weekly newsletter on Substack called Stories from Jewish History. Grab an anachronistic coffee and come hang out with a Rishon!

Image: Map copied in 1657 as Die Gelegenheit Des Paradeis Und Des Lands Canaan Mit Sampt Den Erst Bewohnten Landeren Der Partriarchen Auss Der H. Schrifft Und Anderen Auctoren Zusamen Getragen based on the original by Dutch cartographer Nicolaes Visscher, made c. 1665.