Seder Zeraim | סדר זרעים

The first order (seder) of the Mishnah, as well as subsequent collections based upon it, including the Talmuds, is called Zeraim, “Seeds.”

Table of Contents

Overview of Seder Zeraim

#Tractate NameSubjectChaptersDapim (Bavli)
1Berachot | ברכותKriyat Shema, Tefilla (Amida), Birkat ha-Mazon and other brachot963
2Peah | פאהProduce given to the needy8
3Demai | דמאיProduce about which there is safek (doubt) whether it has been properly tithed7
4Kilayim | כלאיםAbout the prohibition of mixing crops and species of making cloth of wool and linen (shaatnez), and of hybridization/grafting9
5Sheviit | שביעיתLaws of the Shemita (sabbatical) year10
6Terumot | תרומותTithes called Teruma due to kohanim (priests)11
7Maasrot | מעשרותThe first and main tithe taken from produce5
8Maaser Sheni | מעשר שניThe secondary tithe taken from produce5
9Challah | חלהLaws of separating challah (portions of dough) due to kohanim4
10Orlah | ערלהThe prohibition of eating fruit that grows on a tree for the first three years3
11Bikkurim | ביכוריםLaws pertaining to first fruits and firstborns; includes a discussion of Androginus (intersex persons)4

Mishna Zeraim

The Mishna in Seder Zeraim includes 11 masechtot (tractates), which, unlike the rule throughout most of the Mishna, are not arranged by length of tractate, from the longest to the shortest. Rather, the masechtot are arranged roughly according to linkages between the subject matter they cover. Various suggestions have been made about the arrangement of the masechtot in Seder Zeraim.

Tosefta Zeraim

The Tosefta is arranged throughout to follow the order of the Mishna, but is notably rich in terms of individual toseftot included in the masechtot of the seder.

Yerushalmi Zeraim

In the Yerushalmi, which was written in Eretz Yisrael where the laws of Seder Zeraim were still in force, there is Gemara on all the masechtot of Zeraim.

Bavli Zeraim

The Talmud Bavli only has Gemara on Masechet Brachot, the first tractate of the order, which deals with prayers and blessings.

Guides to Seder Zeraim

Berachot | ברכות

Peah | פאה

Demai | דמאי

Kilayim| כלאים

Sheviit | שביעית

Terumot | תרומות

Maasrot | מעשרות

Maaser Sheni | מעשר שני

Challah | חלה

Orlah | ערלה

Bikkurim | ביכורים

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